October 11, 2016

His Works

The Body of FaithAn attempt to develop a comprehensive understanding of traditional Judaism in conversation with contemporary philosophical and Christian thought. Parable and Story in Judaism and Christianity.

Parable and Story in Judaism and ChristianityA scholarly study of the parables and stories in biblical tradition to help discover the common heritage of Christians and Jews.

Abraham’s Promise: Judaism and Jewish-Christian RelationsA collection of essays, articles, and reviews that aptly captures the broad scope of Wyschogrod’s work on Judaism and the Jewish-Christian encounter.

Understanding Scripture: Explorations of Jewish and Christian Traditions of InterpretationA collection of scholarly essays that explore a wide range of issues of biblical interpretation in the two communities.

Jews and Jewish ChristianityCo-authored with David Berger, Jews and Jewish Christianity is an exposé of how Judaism views Christianity and why it can’t agree with fundamental Christian beliefs.